Enabling Stripe Radar
Setting up rules to provide fraud prevention with Stripe payments
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Stripe Radar is a powerful tool that is offered by Stripe to provide real-time fraud detection and give businesses the ability to create rules or use built-in rules that allows you to take action when a payment matches the criteria that you define.

You may want to enable Stripe Radar if you're seeing false accounts with fake payment information, or if you're getting a lot of chargebacks from customers.

You can create a rule that will block payments made from a location or card issued outside of your country and request 3D Secure for all payments that support it and are made by a new customer. Built-in rules by Stripe include both Machine learning risk checks and Traditional card checks. This means that aside from Stripe's machine learning models evaluating if payment is considered as high risk, traditional card checks can also be done which can check for CVC or Postal Code verification.

In addition to Rules, Stripe Radar also offers a set of default lists or you may choose to make your own to make your rules more manageable. For example, this would be a very helpful step if you encounter payments coming from a Suspicious IP address. You can then place the payments for review that has a matching IP address.

To enable this setting, please log in to your Stripe Account > Settings > Radar Settings. Stripe Radar includes an additional fee but Stripe currently waves this fee for accounts that are in the Standard Pricing (Please note that this may change, please contact Stripe directly for questions about Stripe pricing).

You can learn more about this feature here or please contact Stripe directly for additional information.

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