When uploading a video to Uscreen, there are a few things to check out when you're finding it's taking longer than you expect to upload a video.

First, is your upload speed. You can test your upload speed here:

Make sure to click "See more info" to get your Upload Speed. That is the key number we're after. The download speed just tells us how fast you can watch on online video.

Now, your upload speed will determine how fast you can upload videos to us, and you can measure your speed below and compare it to the size of files you're trying to upload:

So say my upload speed is 10 Mbps, and I'm trying to upload a 2gb file. It will take me nearly 30 minutes simply to upload the file! That's quite a long time, but unfortunately a lot of ISPs don't offer very high upload speeds.

After uploading the file we at Uscreen are going to transcode it for you. If you've followed the guidelines on file formats this should go decently quick. Usually a lot quicker than it is to upload the file. However, transcodes will happen in the background and you'll see your videos transcoding after the upload popup disappears. This part is completely in our control.

Of course, while you're uploading videos, you can totally open a new tab in your browser and do work on other parts of your Uscreen storefront. You don't need to stay on the upload tab as long as you keep it open in your browser.

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