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Add SEO to a Live Event
Updated over a week ago

To try and rank your live events pages higher in search engines, you'll want to manually set the SEO settings. You can control the SEO settings for your live events pages by editing the Title, Description, URL Handles, and Tags on your live events videos. Your live events titles and SEO titles can be different to improve your search engine results. SEO titles might be more aligned with what people are searching for and give search engines a better understanding of what the live event is about.

To add or change SEO on your live events:

Navigate to Content, go to Live Events, select the live event where you want to add SEO, then click Edit. Under the SEO tab, set the SEO Title, URL Handle, and SEO Description.

NOTE: As with all SEO changes, it may take a few days for changes to appear in search engines and when the link is shared.

As of now, tags are used to Search Content on the Catalog, but they do not impact SEO. If you would like to have this functionality, please Submit a Feature Request.

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