Add a Video Thumbnail

Add or Remove Video Thumbnails

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You can set custom thumbnail images for your videos. If you want to check out some expert advice on making your thumbnails the best they can be, check out our blog post on this very topic!

To add thumbnails:

  • Navigate to Content.

  • Click on Videos.

  • Click on the video you want to upload a thumbnail for.

  • Scroll down "Thumbnails" and hover your mouse over the default selected thumbnail image to upload your own.

  • You will then be prompted to upload your thumbnail image.

    • We recommend uploading PNG or JPEG images only.

  • OPTIONAL: You can set a separate Featured Category Image if you'll be using this video in a feature category slider on the catalog page.

  • Don't forget to click Save at the top of the page.

NOTE: You no longer need to upload a player-specific thumbnail image. As part of our efforts to make your workflows more efficient, we now use the Catalog image where the player image is used to be. You can no longer upload a player-specific image.

The Catalog Image will appear in your catalog with all of the other videos you have published.

The Catalog Image will appear like the following samples:

You can replace these images at any time for existing videos by removing the existing thumbnail and uploading a new one:

NOTE: If you've swapped thumbnails and aren't seeing them right away, just hang tight; occasionally, CDNs that deliver the optimized images can be a little slow to update in some areas of the world but rest assured, it will appear soon!

Remove a Video Thumbnail

Currently, you're unable to remove a video thumbnail without replacing it with a different thumbnail image.

If you want to remove the thumbnail and revert back to the system-generated thumbnail image, you must delete and re-upload your video. You can then not upload a thumbnail and leave the system-generated thumbnail image.

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