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Setting Up Your Website

Welcome to Uscreen! Learn how to customize your site!

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Getting started with Uscreen is easy! This article will take you step-by-step through editing your website and getting it launched quickly!

In the example below, we'll set up a Fitness Focused Site, however, you can tailor the instructions to fix your business.

Access The Website Editor

To access the website editor, simply click on Website on the left-hand side menu on your dashboard!

At the top of your website, you'll see a navigation bar that is only visible to administrators.

Any time you see this bar, it means that you are viewing your website as an admin in edit mode.

Next, you'll click on Edit Website at the top right:

Next, you'll see the website editor side panel open. From here you'll be able to adjust different aspects of your site including colors, logo, navigation, etc., and see the update in real time. Don't forget to click Save & apply to publish your changes! Follow the instructions below.

Customize Your Branding

Select Your Colors

Choose the color and color scheme of your website. You'll be able to preview.

  • Your Brand color will impact Call-to-Action links, buttons, and text.

  • Your Color scheme will change whether your site is displayed in light or dark mode.

If there are any issues with the contrast of your brand color, we'll let you know!

Upload a Logo, Favicon, and Edit your Website Name

Next, you'll upload your Logo and Favicon.

  • Your logo will be presented on your website at the top left-hand corner. Your logo should be 480x192 px, and be a .PNG file with a transparent background for optimal performance.

  • Your favicon is the icon in your browser tab or that appears in Google search results. Your favicon should be 192x192 px, and be a .ICO or .PNG file.

You'll also want to make sure you edit your Website Name. This will be used as your logo if you don't upload one.

Don't forget to click Save and Apply!

Edit Your Navigation

By default, we'll start you off with all of your important pages added to your Top and Footer navigation menu.

You can click on the gear icon next to each navigation item to further adjust visibility settings.

Your Home Page

By default, your catalog page will act as your home/landing page. We have found that most of our customers have a website already! Great! You can easily add your existing website as your Uscreen site homepage for a seamless experience.

If you do not have an external website already and would like to create a dedicated homepage instead of the catalog, you can use our Landing Page builder to create your own and then easily select the landing page as your site's homepage.

Select a Landing Page as your home page

If you would like to create a custom landing page to be used as your home page instead of your catalog you can do so by clicking on the gear icon next to your Home item in your top navigation menu.

From here, you can choose one of your Landing pages to be your home page.

Use an external webpage as your home page

You can also set any external page as your homepage and redirect to the external page:

Catalog Settings

You can adjust the settings of your Catalog to customize it in a way that suits you!

You can choose a category to be featured at the top of your catalog.

You can enable features such as

  • My Library - Users who purchase content without a subscription will see a My Library section at the top of the catalog page.

  • Continue watching - Show a section at the top of the catalog page that allows users to resume where they left off.

  • Mark as watched - Automatically marks videos as watched when completed and allows users to manually mark videos as watched.

You can choose whether the collection playlist is on the right of the video or below it.

Advanced Site Settings

Here you can edit your website SEO title and description as well as choose your website language.

You can also enable Maintenance Mode, which will make your site unavailable to visitors and users. Only you will be able to view it as an admin.

Editing your Terms of Service and Privacy Policy Pages

When editing your website, scroll to the bottom of your catalog or about page and you'll see a footer menu that contains links to your Terms and Privacy pages. Simply click on those pages and you'll be able to edit the content of those pages.

While we provide basic starter text, you'll want to configure your terms and privacy policies to suit your needs. Please refer to a legal professional for further guidance.

Congratulations! Your website is now ready to be launched! You have the option to continue making tweaks and customizations over time, but after reading this article, you should have a good understanding of how to edit and customize your website.

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