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View Your Storefront and Impersonate Users
View Your Storefront and Impersonate Users
Updated over a week ago

You can view your storefront in two different ways. Either clicking the Storefront button or impersonating your users.

View as an Admin

When you click on the Storefront button, it's like you become a user with access to all content. However, when you impersonate a user, you will only have access to the content the user has.

To see your site through the storefront access, simply navigate to Website, at the bottom left of your sidebar and click on the "eye" icon. You will then view your site in edit mode. This allows you to edit your site, or simply navigate it as an end-user would and you can experience it like your own users will.

You can also click on the X button in your Edit Website side panel to close it and get a better view of your site:

View as a Guest

To view it as a visitor, click on the arrow at the top editor navigation menu and then click on View as Guest.

To exit guest mode, click on View as administrator

Impersonate a User

To see your site as a logged-in user, first, navigate to the People tab within your admin area. From here, you have two options. You can either click the three dots icon next to your desired user and choose Impersonate, or you can click to view the user's profile and find the option under More Actions.

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