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Learn about the header and footer navigation menus for your storefront!

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Your storefront has two parts to the navigation. The header navigation (Main) and the footer navigation. Changes to these navigation menus will be reflected throughout your storefront. With some customization, you can have different headers or footers for different pages.

Click the three-dot menu ... and Edit and menu item. It's easy to add new menu items and even sub-menus. Drag and drop items around to re-arrange them.

You can also add custom links:

Custom links will open a new tab as long as you append https:// to your link.

Maybe you want to change the name of links in your navigation, like changing Dashboard to My Account or adding completely new navigation links. You can change the titles of links or where they point, by navigating to Website.

Navigate to the Website. Click on Options (three dots) beside Customize. Select Navigation. Click the three-dot beside the menu then select Edit.

You can also drag and drop the menus to re-arrange the order they appear on your website.

Add a New Menu Item

At the button of the page, click Add Menu Item to add a completely new menu item. You can link to internal content in Uscreen or an external link. If you would like to add a custom link, select Custom Link, then paste the link into the new field that appears.

NOTE: we do not recommend deleting the default navigation links such as Dashboard, Join, Sign In, Sign Out, etc.

Custom Links

You can use the Custom Link option to link custom pages or internal URLs that do not appear on the dropdown list, such as:

  • Dashboard: /dashboard

  • Sign out: /sign_out


We recommend positioning the default navigation links in the following order:

Feel free to rename the items to match the tone of your store, you can use terms like "Account" instead of "Dashboard" and "Log In" instead of "Sign In", for instance.

Session management links, such as Join, Sign In, and Sign Out work best at the end of the menu (on the right side), whereas Home and Catalog work best on the left.

If you wish to add additional links, we'd advise adding them between the Catalog and the Dashboard.

Adding an Email Link

You can also add email links to your navigation menu by choosing "Custom Link" and entering your email as:

Add a Navigation Link that Opens in a New Tab

Navigate to Customization > Navigation. Click the three-dot menu to Edit. You can then drag and drop the menu links to change their order or click their three-dot menu to Edit their name or URL and select Custom Link.


Insert the link in the following format:" target="_blank

The target attribute specifies that it should be open on a new tab.



  • For external links use the full path with https://

  • The syntax is essential, the link doesn't start or end with quotation marks, Copy and paste the URL before " target="_blank.

  • This approach doesn't work to make links open on a new page on our Landing Pages feature.

Customizing your footer navigation

Navigate to Website. Click on Options (three dots) beside Customize. Select Navigation.

Click the three-dot menu beside Footer to Edit.

Click on Add Menu Item, then go ahead and add a title then select Custom Link. Paste your custom link in the field that appears, then click Save.

Note: You'll typically be adding custom pages to the footer menu so check out our help article on how to create custom pages.

Removing Gift Card Options

If you would like to remove the ability to sell or redeem gift cards from your site, you can edit your footer navigation and remove those 2 options.

Creating a Brand New Menu

By default your storefront can only have 2 navigation menus. The Main and Footer navigation exist by default for all of our themes.

You have the option to create additional menus, however, those menus cannot be used in your Storefront Theme pages. They can only be used when creating Landing Pages within the Marketing area.

Removing the Powered by Uscreen Message

Customers on our Plus plan can remove the "Powered by Uscreen" message from their storefront footer. If you're not on a Plus plan you can contact to inquire about pricing.

If you're on a Plus Plan please contact support

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