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You can disable your storefront while making changes by putting your Uscreen site under Maintenance Mode. This will allow you to temporarily display the Down For Maintenance message so that customers cannot purchase or view your content during this period.

To enable Maintenance Mode:

Navigate to Settings > Storefront Settings and toggle Maintenance Mode located at the end of the page.

Admin's Access

As an admin, you will have full access to all pages, and the storefront will appear as if it were live. So when you navigate to your storefront, the website will not display as under maintenance.

If you want to confirm that Maintenance Mode is enabled, navigate to Storefront at the bottom of the sidebar and Sign Out from your account. The Down For Maintenance page will replace your site's page. To log in again, simply click on Admin Login.

Visitor's Access

When a visitor tries to access your site, the Down For Maintenance page will be displayed. Even if visitors try to log in, they will return to the same maintenance page.

NOTE: Maintenance mode is only needed if you have an active customer base. If you are currently in the beginning stages of developing your storefront, you do not need to use maintenance mode because customers are not actively looking at your site.

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