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How to Link Your Uscreen Catalog to an External Site
How to Link Your Uscreen Catalog to an External Site
Updated over a week ago

If you're happy with your current website and want to instead make the Uscreen catalog a part of your existing site you can do this without much work. Especially if you use an external site builder like Wix, Squarespace, WordPress, Webflow, etc.

First, set up your storefront in Uscreen how you like. You're probably going to want to add a custom subdomain for your Uscreen storefront.

In your existing website add a link in your navigation for Catalog and use your Uscreen Catalog URL.

You'll want to make sure the Uscreen storefront design matches the branding on your website as much as possible so it's a seamless move between the two for your customers.

If a customer is on your website and then clicks catalog they'll be brought to Uscreen like we want, however, if they click your logo in the top left they'll be on your Uscreen home page, which might be a little disorienting for your customer if they expected to get back to the home page on your website.

You'll see a site like Wanderlust solve this issue by placing a small banner at the very top so customers can get back to their domain after clicking online classes and being sent to

We'll show you a similar workaround here.


Be sure to make a backup of your site first.

Navigate to Customization > Advanced > Code Editor and click on _top_menu.liquid.

On line 4 and line 21 you're going to see an <a> tag. Simply delete those two lines and your logo will no longer link to your Uscreen home page.

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