Why is the Home Page Not Showing?
Updated over a week ago

By default, Uscreen sites do not show the Home page when you or your end-users are logged into your site.

Home Page

-Think of your Home Page as the sales page.

-All new customers and logged out customers will see the home page when they visit your storefront. From here, returning users can log in to access the catalog page and new customers can purchase content in order to create an account.

Catalog Page

-The Catalog is the content access page.

-All logged in customers will be directed to the catalog page first instead of the home page. This is because they have already signed up for a subscription or made a purchase. They do not need to see the home page again, because the initial purchase has been made and account creation is complete.

-Think of this like Netflix, Hulu, or SkillShare - once you have a subscription, you don't want to see the home page again, you want to access content via the catalog.

If for some reason you really want to display your Home page to logged-in users on your site, there is a workaround available. This will require a bit of custom development to copy over your home page code to another page, then link to this page in your navigation as "Home". If you do not have a developer on your staff to help copy over your home page code, please see our list of recommended developers.

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