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Why is the Home Page Not Showing?
Updated this week

If you're using a Landing page as a homepage for your Uscreen site, you may not be taken to it as you would expect when you're signed into an account. This is because, by default, Uscreen will automatically route traffic for known signed-in users to your catalog page. A landing page is designed to help convert visitors to buyers, whereas your signed-in users already subscribe, therefore we can assume when they visit your site, they want to consume your content.

Home/Landing Page

Think of your Home/Landing Page as the sales page.

All new customers and logged-out customers will see the home page when they visit your storefront. From here, returning users can log in to access the catalog page, and new customers can purchase content to create an account.

Catalog Page

The Catalog is the content access page.

All logged-in customers will be directed to the catalog page first instead of the home page. This is because they have already signed up for a subscription or made a purchase. They do not need to see the home page again, because the initial purchase has been made and account creation is complete.

Think of this like Netflix, Hulu, or SkillShare - once you have a subscription, you don't want to see the home page again, you want to access content via the catalog.

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