Why is My Site Down?
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Before reaching out to Support make sure to check the troubleshooting steps detailed here.

If you are still having issues, please review the following:

Can you log into your Uscreen site (Admin area)? If not - is it because of non-payment?

If so, you can add new payment information to the lock screen or you may reach out to our Billing Team at billing@uscreen.tv.

If you are using a custom domain, has it expired or is it no longer pointing to Uscreen?

In this case, you can reach out to your domain provider to help you solve the issue.

You can use a website like https://www.digwebinterface.com/ to check where your domain is currently pointing.

Are you able to access other sites, like Google.com or Youtube.com?

If not, you may have local issues with your network.

If so - this is the reason you are not able to access your Uscreen page. Once the local outage is solved, you will be able to access your page.

Sometimes the internet is stressed hard enough that multiple regions experience problems with accessing or loading sites, especially during the ongoing pandemic. To get an overview of the current global situation with the internet you can check https://downdetector.com/.

Check Uscreen Status

Check out our status page to see if there are any known issues with Uscreen at the moment: https://status.uscreen.tv/

If you went over all the steps mentioned and your site is still broken/not loading, please do reach out to us at support@uscreen.tv while confirming that you've checked the above items. Kindly provide a screenshot of what you're seeing (including the navigation bar), your device, as well as browser name and version to expedite troubleshooting.

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