User Activity Log
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The Activity Log allows you to view a user's activity, including sign-in, videos played, subscription updates, etc. Some OTT App activities may not appear in the activity history, such as video plays.

To check the log, navigate to the People tab, then under the second People tab, find the user you want to see an activity log for and click Edit. Click on the Activity Log tab on the left-hand side.

The Activity Log panel displays the user's history up to the last 6 months. See all activity Types and Sources by filtering the dashboard. You can also filter it by Date if you are looking for something specific.

These are all of the Types you can find under the Activity Log:

  • Abandoned Cart Email: If you have added the abandoned cart marketing tool, so the user received an email reminder after abandoning their cart.

  • Subscription Canceled: When a user has canceled a subscription plan.

  • Access Granted: When you have granted them access to your subscription, content, or bundles.

  • Access Revoked: You have revoked access to content, subscription, or bundle.

  • Added to Favorites: A user has added a piece of content to their Favorites category.

  • Coupon Applied: An admin applied a coupon code on a user's subscription.

  • Deal Redeemed: A user has used one of your coupon codes on their cart.

  • Drip Chapter: When there is a release of drip content.

  • Gift Card Redeemed: A user redeemed a gift card bought from your store on their purchase.

  • Invoice Forgiven: When a user had an overdue invoice, but you have forgiven that charge.

  • Invoice Overdue: When a user does not have a payment method connected to their account, so the payment didn't go through to renew the subscription.

  • Invoice Refunded: You have refunded an invoice to a user.

  • Order Paid: When a user has paid for any content purchased.

  • Plan Changed: When a user changes from one subscription plan to another.

  • Reactivate Subscription: When a user reactivates a subscription after having canceled it.

  • Reduce Churn Email: When you have added a reduce churn automation, so a user receives the email after canceling a subscription.

  • Success Recurring: A payment was successfully obtained from a recurring subscription plan, which can also be reflected as Order Paid.

  • Try Again for Free Email: When you have added the try again for free automation, so a user received that email with an offer after canceling a plan.

  • Try for Free offer accepted: When a user accepted the offer from the try again for free automation email.

  • Update Subscription: When a user changes from one subscription plan to another.

  • User Created: When the user first created their account.

  • User Signed in: The last time a user signed in.

  • User Updated: When the user updated their profile.

  • Video Play: When a user played any piece of content.

At the moment, under the All Types dropdown menu, three types that are no longer applicable:

  • Audio Completed

  • Audio Play

  • Invoice VOID

So when you are looking for a specific type under a user's activity log, please disregard the three types mentioned above.

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