In compliance with GDPR, end-users have the ability to remove their payment details at any time. To remove payment details, they will need to be logged in to your site so they can access the customer dashboard.

NOTE: If they provided their payment details while signing up via a native ott app, they will need to contact the App Store or Google Play to make changes to their account.

To remove payment details:

-Logged in customers can navigate to the user dashboard via the My Account or Dashboard link

-From the user dashboard, click on Billing


-Under their credit card information, click on Remove Card


-On the pop-up, confirm the card should be removed


-Once removal has been confirmed a success message will appear indicating payment information was successfully removed from the user's account.

-If the end-user chooses to make future purchases, they will need to re-enter their payment information and can follow the same process to remove it once the transaction is complete.

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