Once a customer has signed up for a subscription, they will receive an order confirmation email listing the subscription name and price paid.


If the Subscription Renewal Notice email is enabled on your site, they will receive a renewal notice email seven days before they are charged again for their subscription.

How is this determined in our system? Every day at 2pm EST, we have a script that determines subscribers that are still active or are in trial and haven't cancelled who are set to renew in 7 to 8 days. Then we will send these emails out. Depending on the amount of emails in that queue, it can take a while for the email to be sent (between 2pm and 2am EST). This means that subscribers will receive the email within 6 to 7 days of renewal based on their timezone.


If the customer does not wish to continue with their subscription, they will need to cancel their subscription before it automatically renews. They can cancel their subscription by following these instructions.

If they do not cancel their subscription, it will automatically renew and they will receive a renewal notice once the charge has gone through.

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