End Users have the ability to sign-up and purchase access on your website, then use those credentials to Sign-In to the apps and access their content. If you offer an In-App Purchase, users also have the option to Sign-Up/Create a New Account and Purchase a Subscription in the apps.


(Sign-In Only or In-App Purchase)

-Go to Settings and tap Login, then tap Sign-In.

-Enter Login Credentials (email/password) created on the website, then Sign-In.

Create a New Account & Purchase Subscription:

(In-App Purchase Only)

-Go to Settings and tap Login, then tap Create New Account.

-Enter Email, Name, and select a Password, then tap Create New Account.

To Purchase Subscription:

-Tap Home Icon, then select a locked video.

-Tap Locked Video, Watch Now, or Get Access, then Subscribe.

-Tap Price to purchase subscription.

-Confirm Purchase. Payment is charged to your Apple or Google Play Account.

-Refresh page to update access (touch top of screen then slide down)

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