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Report on In-App Subscriptions
Updated over a week ago

For Uscreen sites with Native OTT apps, on the Uscreen admin site it is possible to see which customers have signed up and paid for a subscription on an app. This can be done by exporting a CSV of customer invoices based on the payment origin. Once the CSV of invoices has been created, you can download the report and sort it to remove any duplicate customers who have paid for multiple months.

To run a report of customers paying via apps:

-Navigate to the Sales tab

-Click on Filters and filter by Origin

-Choose the payment origin desired - the list will only include the apps you have

-The selected filter will be displayed at the top of the report

-Click Export CSV to create a CSV of invoice data

-Navigate to the Settings tab and select Exported Files

-The most recent report will appear at the top - click Download to access the report

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