How to Increase Subscription Price for All Subscribers
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By default, if you change the subscription price on a subscription, former subscribers are grandfathered into the price point at which they subscribed. Of course, there is an exception to this with some OTT Apps - always make sure to contact your OTT contact to discuss subscription price changes before altering the price if it's associated to your OTT apps.

If you want to change the price so that all subscribers are forced into the new pricing, there is a workaround, however, it can be pretty labor intensive if you have a lot of subscribers. The workaround is to:

1. Create a new subscription plan and ensure you have the price exactly how you want it.

2. Go into each subscriber's profile page that is associated with the subscription plan in question. Navigate to the Access tab, click on Edit, and notice the next charge date for their subscription plan and how many days exist between now and then.

3. Delete their current subscription.

4. Re-add them to the subscription you set up in step 1.

5. Edit the subscription to push the next charge date out x days (the number you got from step 2) so that you honor their existing billing cycle access.

Once you move everyone off the "old" subscription, you can delete the subscription or make it private so that no one else subscribes to it. We recommend deleting it unless you have a true need to keep it.

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