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How to Increase Subscription Price for All Subscribers
Updated over a week ago

You can increase pricing for your web subscribers, whether new or existing.

Navigate to the subscription you want to change the price for and Change Price

Set your new price and choose whether you want to apply the change to only new subscribers or all subscribers including existing members.

If applying to active members, we'll email these users notifying them of the price increase and automatically apply a 30-day waiting period before the price change takes effect.

Users charged during this 30-day window will be charged at their original price. Once 30 days have passed, the new price will be applied to their next invoice.

Trial users will not be subject to price increases. You can always increase prices later once they've become paying members.

Finally, only one price increase per user can take place during 365 days.

NOTE: It's not currently possible to increase prices for Mobile and TV App Subscribers. This feature is only available for Web subscribers. If you need to increase the pricing for your mobile or tv subscribers please reach out to

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