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Coupons For Existing Subscribers
Coupons For Existing Subscribers

Create coupons for existing subscribers

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Coupons are a great way to incentivize your current subscribers to upgrade to a higher-priced plan or to show appreciation to valuable customers when introducing a new subscription option. This article will provide instructions on implementing coupons for existing customers.

Create A Promotional Coupon For Existing Users To Upgrade Plans

  1. Navigate to the Marketing tab then click Coupons then click "+ New Coupon".

  2. Then you need to name your Coupon offer and select your discount amount (in either percentages or a fixed amount).

  3. Add a coupon Description. This is only visible to admins and it helps you keep track of the purpose of this coupon.

  4. Choose whether it is a Fixed amount or a Percentage discount.

  5. Select the content type to choose whether this coupon can be applied to:

    1. Everything

    2. 1 or more Subscription Plans

    3. 1 or more Bundles

    4. A piece of individual content

  6. To upsell existing users to a higher plan click Subscription, select the higher plan (i.e. Annual), then select the Duration of this discounted offer (i.e. Once)

    1. Duration is defined by:

      1. Once - On the first billing period

      2. Forever - Every billing period

      3. Repeating - A specified number of billing periods you choose

  7. Under Redemption Limits, make sure to check 'Allow this coupon to be used by current subscribers when changing plans.'

You'll then have a Coupon Code that your customers can use directly.

So, when your subscribers go to change their membership, they can click Apply a Coupon:

Then paste the Coupon Code to redeem the offer:

They will then see the new pricing including the discount from the coupon:

Pro Tip:

You can create a promotional upsell campaign with this by using the Email Broadcast tool to target specific plans and users to deliver this coupon code.

If a customer has credit for a membership they already paid for, that credit will be pro-rated and discount the cost of upgrading. This is displayed on their upgrade checkout as shown in the image above.

Apply a Coupon Manually In The Backend

Create a Coupon then navigate to the People tab, and under the second People tab, find the user for whom you will apply the coupon and click Edit.

Go to the Subscription tab to view their active subscription plan. Click the 3 vertical dots option and select Apply coupon. Choose from your list of coupons which one you will offer and select Apply.

You'll see the coupon applied to the selected subscription plan.

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