All content that is viewable anywhere on the internet has this risk associated with it. This goes for videos, documents, images, PDFs, etc. Anything a user sees on their screen or hears via their speakers can be recorded by third party software. There is no way around this, but what you can hope Uscreen can do is to try and make it a bit more painful to steal your content.

We employ encryption security protocols to mitigate this risk as much as possible with tools like IP blocking, malicious bot detection and rejection, and advanced mass download detection protocols. This makes it much more difficult to steal and redistribute the content. Most average people don't know how to capture content.

For the select few that might find ways to download content (when you haven't allowed it in the Admin side), they often use browser plugins that are installed via a Chrome extension or something similar. This is unfortunately outside of our control as we can't even read which extensions or plugins might be installed in a user's browser. So in this case we don't have a way to block their usage. Many of these plugins place their own watermarks on downloaded files which can be enough to deter some from using them.

In the unlikely event that someone does redistribute content, you can easily have it removed from where ever it is being hosted and shared by simply contacting that hosting provider and they will usually remove it right away once you have shown you are the rightful owner.

There will always be a way for people to share content. Friends inviting friends over to watch the videos at one location, people streaming the content in a public setting such as an auditorium, and users capturing the stream with their machines using various software.

Remember we do our best and monitor for password sharing, such as restricting concurrent sessions based on IP address, and abusive usage and have streaming protocols in place to protect from content theft as well.

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