You can push customers with subscriptions into your ProfitWell account to utilize their advanced subscription analytics.

NOTE: Uscreen customers will not be able to take advantage of ProfitWell's Churn Reduction Features, but don't worry we have a marketing automation already built for that.

We update ProfitWell each time something happens with a subscription or the customer associated with a subscription, this includes the following:

  • Trial Status of Subscription
  • Subscription Cancelled
  • Billing Date Extended
  • Subscription Deleted
  • Payment Overdue
  • Coupon Applied
  • Customer Email Updated
  • Customer Deleted

To setup the integration, we'll want to get your ProfitWell API key first.

In ProfitWell, click the Settings Icon and select Integrations. Scroll down to the ProfitWell API card and click Connect. You'll copy the API key here that they give you.

Now let's add the API key into Uscreen.


Navigate to Settings > Integrations and click Connect on ProfitWell. You'll be prompted for the API key which you can paste in and Connect.

That's it! As actions around your subscribers are made we'll automatically update ProfitWell.

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