ProfitWell Integration
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You can push customers with subscriptions into your ProfitWell account to utilize its advanced subscription analytics.

NOTE: Uscreen customers will not be able to take advantage of ProfitWell's Churn Reduction Features, but don't worry, we have marketing automation already built for that. You can find more information on our Reduce Churn Overview help guide.

We update ProfitWell each time something happens with a subscription or the customer associated with a subscription. The available events include:

  • Trial Status of Subscription

  • Subscription Cancelled

  • Billing Date Extended

  • Subscription Deleted

  • Payment Overdue

  • Coupon Applied

  • Customer Email Updated

  • Customer Deleted

NOTE: When you delete user data from Uscreen, the information is not deleted from Profitwell, affecting indicators such as Active Subscribers and MRR. Profitwell only performs one update per user each month.

While ProfitWell won't import historical data, it will start importing new active subscriber data after you connect it with Uscreen.

Create a ProfitWell Account

First, create an account by accessing ProfitWell's site to set up the integration.

Fill out all the required info to start your free account, then click Get Started.

Add your time zone and the currency you use, then click Next.

Set your growth rate goal on step 1 and click Next.

In step 2, scroll down to the end and next to Manually add transitions, click Add Transactions.

Click on the Add Manual Transactions button that appears right after the video in the third step. Now navigate to the Integrating ProfitWell with Uscreen section in the help guide for the next steps.

Log in to ProfitWell

Navigate to ProfitWell, then click Login.

Add your login details and click Login.

Once you're logged in, navigate to the Add Manual Transactions button to go to the dashboard.

Integrating ProfitWell with Uscreen

Now that you have an account and are logged in, you can get your ProfitWell API key. In ProfitWell, click the Settings Icon and select Integrations. Find the ProfitWell API card and click on it. You'll copy the API key to bring it to Uscreen.

Now let's add the API key to Uscreen. Navigate to Settings, go to Integrations, locate ProfitWell and click Connect. You'll be prompted to add the API key/token, which you can paste in and click Connect.

That's it! As actions around your subscribers are made, we'll automatically update ProfitWell.

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