What can I migrate myself?

What can I migrate on my own without the migrations team?

Updated over a week ago

There are a few things you can do to migrate your users and videos into Uscreen on your own.

First, using our CSV import option you can add your users to Uscreen via spreadsheet. You can even give them access to content in a freebie bundle upon initially adding them.

To do this, create a freebie bundle, make it private, and tick the option to assign it to a user on signup.

Now add your content to the bundle and head to the People tab and do the import.

All the users you import will have the bundle assigned. Make sure you go back to the bundle and uncheck "Automatically assign this bundle to a user after signup", otherwise as new users join your site they'll get free access to the content in that bundle.

If you've got a lot of content hosted on YouTube you can check out a video we did on mass downloading videos from YouTube and a few other platforms.

Of course, once, downloaded you'll still need to upload them into Uscreen. We recommend not doing more than 10-15 videos at a time depending on your upload speed.

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