On the Sales tab, you will see an option to view your Monthly Sales Report.

This report will be displayed in a graph that provides details on the amount of revenue from sales over the course of the month.

You can hover over a datapoint to see the total number of sales (transactions) your site had per day in that month.

Below this graph is a table of your monthly sales data.

You can filter by Year, Month, Source, or Type. The image above shows the options in Source.

The Source filter will be dependent on what payment providers you have connected, and whether or not you have in-app purchases setup for your OTT apps.

The Types filter provides an option for All (all transactions), Recurring, or Transactional (one-time - ie. rentals, bundle purchase, etc.).

The Sales column is for all transactions on your site, whether or not money was actually exchanged. This means this number includes trial based transactions, gift card redemption based transactions, and coupon code based transactions.

The Refunded column shows the total amount of refunds issued by your site via the web UI on an invoice using the Refund functionality. This will not take into account any refunds you may have processed externally outside of the Uscreen admin area Refund function.

The Discounted column provides a total for all discounts that have been applied, which pertain to coupon code discounts.

The Net Sales column calculates your sales amounts after Refunds and Discounts. This does not take into account any commissions taken by app stores.

The Taxes column calculates VAT Taxes collected for transactions that day. Note: at this time, we do not collect non-VAT taxes. If you would like to see other tax options built into the Uscreen platform, please do let our Product Team know.

The Total Sales column combines Net Sales and Taxes. If you don't have VAT enabled, then Net Sales and Total Sales will be the same values for each day. However, if you have VAT enabled, your sales table will look like the screenshot below.

You can export the data at the top of your report table for you convenience.

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