Storefronts using Uscreen Payments Gateway or PayPal will display the amount on hold and the amount to be paid out in the Payouts Report section found by clicking on Sales, then on Payouts Report. The Payouts Report is designed to provide an estimate for the next payout so you know how much money to expect at the beginning of each month. It might fluctuate as refunds or disputes are in process (the reason the funds are held for 30 days).

Payout payments will be made for money collected in the previous month that have been held for 30 days. Example: All payments received in the month of August are paid out on October 1st. So payouts that haven't been held for 30 days are rolled into the 1st of the next month.

Payouts Report


The Pending Transactions displays the amount received less than 30 days ago. Once the payment has been held for 30 days, then it will switch to Upcoming Payout which is how much you will receive in your next payout on the first of the month.

Current or Former Payout Calculation

After the first of the month, you can review which payments have been paid out under invoices.


Navigate to the Sales > Invoices and you can see your invoices here. Then filter by either Origin: Paypal or Origin: Uscreen Payments to see invoices originating through either payment provider. You can also filter by date range.

Earning amounts that have been paid out will have a dollar symbol next to them. Hover over the dollar symbol to see the payout month for which the amount was included.

This example indicates that a payment was included in the September 1, 2020, payout.

You can also export this information you've filtered and the payout date for each amount will be reflected in the export. If the amount has not yet been paid out, there will not be a date in that column.

Upcoming Payout Calculation

If you're looking to better understand your upcoming payout, filter the invoices by the appropriate origin, then by the date of the timeframe in question as it relates to the upcoming payout. For example, if you're looking to understand the amount for your October 2020 payout, you'll filter the invoices by the date range of August, as 30 days must pass before the amount can be paid out.

Please note that months that have 31 days will see any payments made on the 31st roll over to the next payout. For example, payments made on August 31st will not have had 30 days to clear by October 1st, so those payments will be paid out on November 1st. Also, keep in mind that the invoice view does not take into account any disputed amounts, fees associated to the disputes, or refunds.

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