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Schedule of Fees for Uscreen Services
Schedule of Fees for Uscreen Services
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As per our Publisher Terms, accessing any component of the Services for which there is a fee, you agree to pay all fees associated with your account on a timely basis. Standard fees for services are as follows:

Standard Platform Fees

You can view our standard platform fees by clicking here.

Additional Minutes

Packages have an included number of storage minutes per level:

Growth: 6000

Pro: 9000

Uscreen Plus: As per the agreement

Should you wish to increase your storage minutes, 10,000 additional minutes can be added to your existing package for $99 per month.

Transaction Fees

Uscreen charges a monthly fee per active subscriber. Rates may vary based on account type. Please refer to your dashboard for the specific rate applicable to your store.

Note that annual subscribers have their monthly fee x 12 deducted at the time of payment for their annual plan.

Transaction fees are refunded only if an end-user refund takes place within the Uscreen dashboard.

Subscriber Fees for in-app purchasers

End-users that have purchased recurring subscription access through app platforms external from Uscreen, such as Apple, Google, Roku, etc. are also subject to our per active subscriber per month fee.

  • Fees will be invoiced monthly on the 15th of every month for the previous month and charged to the credit card on file

Transaction Fees for Connected Account Territories where fees cannot be collected via transaction

Stripe does not allow for fees to be deducted from transactions from connected accounts from the following territories:

  • Brazil

  • Malaysia

  • Mexico

For stores whose connected accounts originated in one of these territories, applicable fees will be invoiced monthly on the 15th of every month for the previous month and charged to the credit card on file.

Trigger Fees for Webhooks and Zapier

Fees apply for using webhooks and Zapier to add users and grant access to paid content on the Uscreen platform thereby bypassing the standard purchase path.

  • $1 per trigger

Live Streaming Overage

Uscreen Plus accounts with live streaming enabled to include a set number of live streaming usage hours per month as outlined in your agreement. Should you go over your usage for the month, you will be charged $15 per hour. This will be added to your monthly invoice.

  • Fees will be invoiced monthly on the 15th of every month for the previous month.

Payment Processing Fees for Gateways provided by Uscreen

All payment processing fees are deducted at the transaction level

PayPal via Uscreen

Your processing fees per transaction:

Standard PayPal transaction processing fees:

Handling Fee: + 2.0%

Uscreen Gateway*

US Sales: 2.9% + $0.30
+0.6% for international cards

+2.0% if currency conversion is required


Handling Fee: +2.0%

*Uscreen Gateway is no longer available for new customers.

Connected Stripe accounts are subject to Payment Processing fees as outlined by their agreement with Stripe

Dispute fees

Dispute/chargeback fees are calculated and deducted from applicable payouts

PayPal via Uscreen

AUD: 22.00 AUD

EUR: 16.00 EUR

GBP: 14.00 GBP


Uscreen Gateway*

$20.00 per disputed transaction

*Uscreen Gateway is no longer available for new customers.


If your Uscreen Plus agreement includes a clause for bandwidth charges, fees are specific to your account and are outlined within the agreement. Invoices for bandwidth charges are generated and billed as close to the 15th of the month as possible for the month previous. These charges currently rely on third-party vendor reporting so we are not able to guarantee specific dates, however, invoices will always include the specific billing period.

*Please note all currency amounts are in USD unless otherwise stated

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