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Bulk Delete Videos

How to bulk delete videos

Updated over a week ago

You are able to bulk delete videos from your Videos listing page.

  1. Navigate to Content and then click Videos

  2. Use the select box to select the videos you wish to bulk delete.

  3. Click on More actions and then click Delete

If you're trying to delete all of your videos on a given listing page, you can click the one check box at the top of the list to select all the videos on that page.

Select the Delete option under the More Actions dropdown.

The selected videos will then be deleted and marked as DELETED, and that's it!

If you inadvertently deleted a video while you're still on the page, don't worry as you may still revert the process by clicking Undo option right across the video you want to restore. This option will go away once you navigate away from the current page.

Please Note: After a live stream event, it will not be possible to delete the recorded video for a period of 48 hours. We kindly ask that you wait for at least 48 hours before attempting to remove the recording.

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