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Work with Uscreen and Stripe Data in CSV Format
Work with Uscreen and Stripe Data in CSV Format

Cross-reference related data within CSVs exported from Uscreen and Stripe

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If you would like to add on to your Uscreen's reports, Stripe also allows you to export additional payment data in CSV format. Although Uscreen provides you with payment and location reports, you can complement our reports with Stripe reports. So if you would like to have both to compare data to, then combine Uscreen and Stripe to have the whole picture!

Imagine a user has a VPN to hide their location; through Stripe, you can know their payment info and country, and consequently, add that to your personal reports. Before you combine the data, request the Sales by Location report at and then download the invoices report from the Admin Area. You will also need to export data from Stripe. Since you will export CSV files from both platforms, follow our help guide to import CSV data to Microsoft Excel. In the same help guide, you can learn how to export data from Uscreen.

Export Payments Data from Stripe

To export data from Stripe:

Navigate to Payments, then click on Filter

Select Status > Succeeded and click on Done (we only want to track data from successful payments)

Click on Export to be taken to the Export Payments window

On the Export Payments window, navigate to Date range and select Custom

Select the dates: we recommend selecting 1 day after and 1 day before the desired dates to avoid missing data due to timezone differences

For the Columns field, please select Custom

Then click on Export

NOTE: We recommend using this method to retrieve the location of Stripe transactions whose locations were not tracked during checkout at Uscreen. Unfortunately, we do not have a similar solution or workaround for PayPal transactions with non-tracked locations.

Combine Data from Stripe with Uscreen

You will first need to import both CSV files into different sheets in Microsoft Excel. Then, you can use VLOOKUP to combine multiple tables into one, as long as one of the tables has fields in common with all the others. To understand how you can build the VLOOKUP syntax and apply it to both reports, please refer to the detailed instructions on how to use the VLOOKUP with several tables.

While using VLOOKUP, remember that the Charge ID column from Stripe (which looks like ch_1xXxXxXxXxXxXxXxX) will match the Gateway ID column on the Invoices report from Uscreen. This is the column you will want to use in your formula.

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