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Stripe Billing

Understand how Stripe Billing and Uscreen integrate and the limitations

Updated this week

Please Note: All stores created after August 14th, 2023 use Stripe Billing by default. Stores created before can be migrated on request.

We've deepened our integration with Stripe to provide more ways for your users to pay at checkout, better subscriber and churn analytics, as well as laying the groundwork to collect tax on Stripe payments.

You can refer to Stripe's documentation on their pricing for Stripe Billing.

Dynamic Payment Methods

Users will now be shown payment methods more likely to convert based on the user's location, storefront currency, and product type (recurring or TVOD). Please be aware of the following:

  • Credit Cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Cash App Pay, iDEAL, Sofort, SEPA, Stripe Link, and Giropay, are supported for subscriptions and one-time purchases.

    • If you try to offer a payment method that is not supported, it will not work for customers even if you activate it in Stripe. Only the above-listed payment methods can be used.

    • SEPA is disabled by default, however you can enable it. Learn more here.

    • You can disable payment methods you do not want to offer inside of your Stripe account. Please login to Stripe and head to Payment Methods

  • Google Pay and Apple Pay are available in most currencies and can be automatically displayed if saved in your browser.

  • Apple Pay requires domain verification, which we'll handle when you connect your Stripe account.

NOTE: Users paying with SEPA will not have access until their bank approves the transaction. This can sometimes take a few days.

SEPA is turned off by default for new stores, so if you want to use it you can turn it on from your payment methods section in Stripe.

Stripe Subscriptions

When creating a subscription plan in Uscreen, a corresponding subscription product is generated in Stripe automatically. This product is then assigned to users when they initiate a subscription during the checkout process on your Join page.

Please note that products, coupons, or user edits made directly in Stripe won't sync with Uscreen. Only items created by Uscreen will be managed through our platform.

Stripe Billing Analytics

With Stripe creating products for subscriptions and coupons for your members, Stripe's Billing analytics feature will begin to report on churn, new users, conversion rates, and more.

More Ways to Integrate Uscreen Membership Data

With subscription data now being managed within Stripe, you can directly integrate with tools like Salesforce, Intercom, Klaviyo and many more with Stripe subscription data syncing to these softwares.

Taxes - Coming Soon!

Stripe offers an automated Tax calculation and collection feature that once support, you can enable.

Setting up taxes is straightforward if you're primarily selling within a single jurisdiction. You can easily add a jurisdiction to collect taxes in. You'll want to consult with a tax professional before deciding where you need to collect taxes.

Tax collection will be turned off by default, so it will be essential to add the required jurisdictions for where you need to collect tax.

Stripe charges a 0.5% fee on the total transaction amount to collect taxes. This fee is only applied if you have set up the jurisdiction to collect taxes. You don't pay the fee if you don't collect tax.

NOTE: For any questions about how your business collects tax you'll want to refer to a tax professional. If you have any questions regarding the setup and configuration of taxes, please reach out to Stripe support directly.

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