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Add Multiple Language Options on your Uscreen Site
Add Multiple Language Options on your Uscreen Site

Multi language sites

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If you are looking to offer your end-users the option to switch the language of your site there are a few options that can be implemented.

Third Party Software Option

Our first recommendation would be to use dedicated software on your page that can change your language on the spot. For example, Bablic.

With Bablic setup on your Uscreen site, end users will see the choices like this:

For more details on this you can access:

Language Specific Categories

The second option for a multi-language setup that we support would be making use of the Catalog filtering feature. You can see an example of this on Tint Yoga's site.

Your content can then be filtered by different languages and it looks like this:

This option requires you to name your videos and add your descriptions in the respective language for the category you will assign it to.

This method will not convert everything on your site to other languages, but it will help your users filter your video content by their language.

Multiple Uscreen Sites

The third option would be to create multiple Uscreen pages where different languages are set as default and the pages use a different subdomain.

For example:; etc.

Then, add menu options for the different site languages you offer.

For this last option additional Uscreen pages will be needed so for more details you can reach out to our sales department at

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