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View a list of your live events attendees

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Live Events have just become better! When you create a live event and users watch it through their Uscreen account, now you can have a report of your attendees.

The Attendees report will help you track who is watching your live event and how long they have watched it across your Uscreen site and your Uscreen mobile apps (version 3.0 or higher). You can view this data both in the Admin Area and via a CSV file export option. The report contains the users' ID, name, email, and watch time in seconds.

Once you create a live event and go live, Uscreen will track all users who are signed in and have watched it for more than one minute. If some users don't attend it for at least one minute, their information will not be saved. After finishing your live event, Uscreen will start processing it to pull the data and provide the report.

Access Attendees Report

To access the report, navigate to Content, then go to Live Events. If you've just finished the event, then the Processing status will be displayed, and the Attendees button will be grayed out.

When you hover over Attendees, it will say that it's generating the attendees' list and to check back later. It will usually take around one hour for the report to be ready, however, in some cases, it may take up to 48 hours.

After the report is ready, you will see the Finished status, and the Attendees button will appear blue. You can now view the report! Click Attendees, and all those who attended will be there. If you want to download it, click on Export CSV.

You will be notified that the report was sent to your email so you can download it.

The email will look like the example below. To download, click on the link and save it.

After exporting the report, you will see the users' ID, name, email, and each time in seconds. If you do this with all of your live events, you can track which users are watching it and how successful it's being.

If you have created a free live event, the Attendees report will only contain the names of those that were signed in. If you still want to have a free live event, but you also want to know who has attended it, you can create a free live event that requires people to sign in or create an account.

NOTE: If you would like to have these reports for TV apps or have more details added to these reports, please submit a feature request so we know it's something you are interested in.

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