How to Sell Products on the Video Player
Learn how to use the new Uscreen eCommerce feature to sell products within the video player
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Within each video, you can now sell products directly in the video player. You'll be able to add a URL with a Call to Action to the video with our eCommerce tool so users can purchase a product from your brand. We'll then display that on top of your video for a few seconds to encourage your users to make the purchase.

To start adding a product, navigate to Content, go to Videos, select the video you want to add a product to, and click Edit. From there, go to the eCommerce tab and click Add Product.

Adding a Product

To add a product, you will need to get the link from your store (Shopify, Wix, WooCommerce, Weebly, etc.) or even affiliate product links. On the Product link field, add the link of the product you want to add.

The product image will be pulled from the website; however, if you want to pick a different one, click on Remove Image, then click Upload Image. Once you've selected the picture, you can resize it and click Upload.

After adding the product link and image, you should add the Title, Price, and a Call to Action Text (CTA Text).

Now that you have filled out all the product information, choose for how long the product overlay should be displayed on the video by adding the time (in seconds) on the Display Duration field.

We encourage you to leave the product overlay for at least 20 seconds.

Under the Set Position section, select where you want the link to appear by dragging the player timeline and setting it on the time you want, then click on Insert Link.

If you want to add more than one product to your video, simply click on Add Another Product and follow the process above.

After you have added another product or if you decided to not add another one, please Save your changes for it to apply to the video.

NOTE: This feature will be available only on the web, but we will expand it to mobile apps in the future.

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