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Review Google Developer Account settings
Review Google Developer Account settings

After creating a Google Developer account, it’s time to review your account settings, set the payment profile and invite Uscreen’s user.

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NOTE: This article is the second part of a comprehensive guide on how to create the Google Developer Account and allow Uscreen developers to build and publish your Android and AndroidTV apps on it. Check the summary below and make sure you've followed the steps in Section 1, before following this article.


Once you have created your Google developer account and are able to access it with the account owner’s login, it’s time to review your account settings and send the invite to the Uscreen user.

Create Payments profile

This is required if your Android or AndroidTV apps will have In-App purchases. If your apps are sign-in only, you can skip this step.

  1. To create the payments profile, go to the Payment Settings of Google Play Console.

    Screenshot: Payments profile on the left nav
  2. Click on ‘Set up a merchant account’

  3. If you don’t have a payments profile, click on Create payments profile.

    Create payments profile button

    Make sure to have your business information available to complete the steps below

  4. Select your account type (Business or Individual):

    • Business: Used for Corporation, LLC, Partnership & Organizations

    • Individual: Used for Sole Proprietorship or Single-Person Company

    NOTE: The account type is used for tax & identity verifications. This selection cannot be changed later.

    Account type definition

  5. Add your business’ Name and Address: Enter the legal name of your business as you want it to appear to your customers and also on your receipts. Provide your legal business address as it appears on your official documents.

  6. Complete the rest of the form with your business’ details. Here’s the guide from Google, for reference.

    • What do you sell: Select the most appropriate option on the menu, if none apply you can select ‘Other’

    • Customer Support email (required)

    • Credit card statement: The business/product name that will appear on your customers' credit card receipts.
      NOTE: Use an appropriate statement to help your users to remember what they purchased and avoid unnecessary chargebacks.

  7. Click on Submit

  8. If you see the screen below your payment profile has been created successfully:

    Payment settings screen

  9. Click on Add payments method, under ‘How you get paidand add your bank account details. This allows you to retrieve your funds from your Google account.

Invite Uscreen user to your Google Developer Account

In order to work on your Android and AndroidTV apps, the account owner needs to send an invite to the Uscreen account.
Follow the steps below to share the access with us:

  1. Log in Google Play Console with the account owner credentials

  2. Click on Users and permissions on the left menu

    Users and permissions location in the left-nav

  3. Click on the Invite new users button

    Invite new user button

    - Email address:

    - Access expiry: don’t check this option (don’t set an expiration date)

    - Permissions: Switch to the ‘Account permissions’ tab and select Admin (all permissions)

    Account permissions

    - Then click on Invite user and then Send invite

    Invite user button

You have now reviewed your Google Developer Account settings and shared the access with Uscreen!

There are just a couple more steps required: Create Service Account and share the JSON key with us. After doing that your account setup is complete and we can get started with your app's development!

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