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Google Developer Account - Troubleshooting
Google Developer Account - Troubleshooting

In this article, we’ll help you identify what could go wrong and what you can do to get your Google Developer Account up and running!

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NOTE: This article is the third part of a comprehensive guide on how to create the Google Developer Account and allow Uscreen developers to build and publish your Android and AndroidTV apps on it. Check the summary below and make sure you've followed the steps in Sections 1, 2, and 3, before following this article.


Need help with the JSON key

The JSON key provides API access to the Google Service Account. It's required to build and upload your Android and AndroidTV apps in Google Play Console.

The steps to create a Service Account and generate the JSON key can be found in this help article.

If you have generated the JSON key, but can’t locate that in your computer, try following one of the steps below:

  1. Check your Downloads folder on your computer (Windows or Mac)

  2. Also, check your browser downloads history:

    • Edge, Chrome and Firefox: Ctrl + J (or Cmd + J on Mac)

    • This will open the downloads history panel

    • Check the recent downloads for a JSON file.
      Eg: api-5467992211468413867-753980-bf5b8c37729.json

If you’re unable to find the JSON key in the recent download, follow the steps below to generate a new JSON key:

  1. In the Menu, click on API access, under Settings

  2. Scroll down to the Service Accounts section

  3. The Uscreen Service account must be listed there (eg: uscreen@api-xxx...)

    • If you can’t find the Uscreen service account, it was not created or was created incorrectly. Please, check this article for the steps to create it.

  4. Click on View in Google Developers Console.

  5. On the right side, click on Manage Service Accounts

  6. Select the Uscreen Service Account (eg: uscreen@api-xxx...)

  7. On the right side, click on the three dots button (actions) and select Create Key

  8. Select the type: JSON, and click on Create. The download will start

  9. Save this file and send it to

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