Streaming recorded content on OBS

Manually stream images or videos using OBS

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Streaming recorded content or media does not mean that it will run automatically from start to finish. You would still need to be checking the streaming software for when the video ends, as it's needed to press the stop button both on your streaming software and in the live event on your store.

This guide will help you set up OBS ( to do so. For the purposes of this guide, we’ll be assuming that you have already set your stream key and URL in the streaming settings.

From your Main Scene, we will add a source, click on the + sign to add a source.

From the options that will appear, we will pick the Media Source.

You will see the below prompt, where you can name the source or leave it at the default. You can ignore the Add Existing option if you do not have a source already created. If you do, simply select it from the list that will appear.

Click Ok when done.

On this screen, we need to click Browse to locate the file on your computer

Be mindful that once you select the file and load it, it will start to play right away, but you can stop and restart the video with the controls that will appear

From the options listed, make sure to match the options seen in the screenshot in your OBS setup. The options listed are:

  • Loop: when the selected video ends, it will start again from the beginning as a loop.

  • Restart playback: if you enable this option, whenever you click on another scene and return to the previous one, it will restart the video from the beginning.

Once everything is set, click OK.

To store a local recording of your stream, click Start Recording before clicking Start Streaming

Now you are ready to start the streaming.

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