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Live Stream Troubleshooting - How to Download OBS Logs
Live Stream Troubleshooting - How to Download OBS Logs

Include a log file in your ticket to support if you have problems with OBS live streaming

Updated over a week ago

When troubleshooting complex issues with your live events, it is sometimes necessary for our support team to obtain additional information from the activity of your broadcasting software.

OBS Studio creates a log file each time you run it, and the file provides a diagnostic report of the stream.

When contacting support, please attach the log file of the session that had a problem.

Download OBS Logs (Valid for Windows and Mac):

1. To upload a log file, navigate to the Help menu, select Log Files, then click Upload Last Log File. The Last Log File is for the last session (the last time you ran OBS).

In some cases, you may be asked to select Current Log File instead, which is for the current session. It depends on whether you want us to check your previous live event or the current one.

2. Click on the Copy URL button to copy the link to your clipboard, then paste the link in your next reply.

NOTE: Whether uploading the current log or your previous log, make sure you encountered the problem during the session—a log file from a session where you didn't run into any problems is not useful and will delay our ability to help pinpoint the cause of the issue.

If you stream a lot and are unsure which session had an issue, you will want to recreate the problem, so the log you provide us will be for the current complication. If you can't recreate it, then the issue was likely temporary, and it's fixed.

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