Apple Watch-Fitness Tracker

How to install and use the Apple Watch app and Fitness Tracker.

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  • Apple Watch devices and apps are compatible with iPhone only.

  • These apps are accessed/managed in the Watch app on iPhone.

  • You can find detailed information from Apple here.

How to Install:

  • When you install the iOS app on your iPhone, the app is automatically added to your watch. It will be listed in Installed On Apple Watch.

  • If not installed, it's listed in Available Apps. Tap Install to add to your watch.

  • To remove from your watch, tap Name then Show on Apple Watch.

What you can do:

  • View Health Stats on-screen and on your watch.

  • Use watch as a Remote to play, stop, rewind videos.

    • Open watch app, then open video on iPhone or computer.

  • Track & View Workout Data:

    • Information is sent to Apple's Health & Fitness apps.

    • You can track workouts, view stats, and share your activity.

    • To track data: Tap Start before and End Workout when you're done.

    • To send data to other devices (iPad): Sign-In to your account is iOS.

Access to Data & Troubleshooting:

  • To track/view health stats, you must allow access to all requested data.

  • The first time you use the app, you’ll be prompted to allow access.

  • You can also enable access in the Health app on iPhone.

Enable access on Apple Watch:

The first time you use the app:

  • Tap Start, then Review.

  • Write Access: All Requested Data.

  • Tap Next.

  • Read Access: All Requested Data.

  • Tap Done.

Enable access in Health App:

  • Open Health app on iPhone.

  • Tap Profile Image (top-right)

  • Below Privacy, tap Apps.

  • Tap the App Name.

  • Select Turn All Categories On.

  • Tap >Back >Profile >Done


If you don't see Heart Rate or Calories Burned on your watch or the video:

Enable access to data in Health app

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