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Encode your videos easily using Handbrake
Encode your videos easily using Handbrake
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Handbrake is a free yet powerful open-source video transcoder and converter that supports nearly any known format. Its user-friendly interface and wide selection of preset options allow you to encode your videos with ease.

You can download handbrake on your PC or Mac at the following link:

Upload Source

The first step is to select your source video or directory either by browsing your local storage or dragging the file or folder into the screen.

Video Settings

Next, select your output video file format. We commonly recommend the use of an mp4 file extension as this format is supported by most if not all of the web and device browsers.

The default settings of Handbrake already possess our recommended settings. You may still choose to tweak other settings before encoding your video to get your desired result.

For resolution, we recommend 1080p HD, also referred to as FHD (Full HD) or 2K resolution as this results in a smoother and sharper display. As for the frame rate, we generally recommend 23.976fps to 30fps. This gives your videos a cinematic feel and look.

Here we provide more recommended settings that have a balance of good quality and decent file size for upload. Upload Videos & Recommended Quality Settings

Output File

Before you start encoding your video, you might want to check the destination path to which folder where the output would be saved. Click the Browse button to choose a different folder on your local storage.

To rename the file before saving it, you may rename it through the Save As field.

Start Encoding Process

Once you’re all set and satisfied with your settings, you may either start the process by clicking the Start Encode button or click the Add to Queue button to place it in the queue and start working on another video.

Clicking the Start Encode button would initiate the process and save your output to your destination folder. The process can take several minutes depending on the size of your video and your local computer’s specifications.

If you choose to add it to the queue and work on another video, click the Open Source tab and upload your other video/s.

Encoding Multiple Videos at Once

To view, manage or remove the videos that are in the queue, click the Queue button and it would open a popup with the list. Then to start encoding the whole queue, simply click either of the Start Queue buttons as shown below.

Once the encoding process has finished, you may find the saved videos in the destination folder that you specified which you may then upload to your Uscreen site.

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