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Roku - How many times have my apps been downloaded?
Roku - How many times have my apps been downloaded?

Get information about your apps with the Roku analytics

Updated over a week ago

Using Roku analytics you can find relevant information about your Roku channel's performance!

  1. Log in to the Roku developer account

  2. From the Dashboard, select My Channels on the left nav

  3. On the My channels page, click on View Analytics

  4. On the Analytics tab, you have several options in the top menu:
    - Channel Health: contains crash data for your channel(s)
    - Audience Insights: contains data related to the demographics of your channel's install base
    - Channel Engagement: Installs, visits, and streaming data for all channels
    - Viewership Summary:

  5. On this page, you can see how many downloads your app had over a period of time:

  6. You can edit the filter to find data from different timeframes.

  7. That page also provides much more information such as Channel Visitors and Streaming viewers; Minutes Streamed and much more.
    To get more information about what's available to you, please check this page from Roku:

Also, these are references for the other options in the Roku Analytics tab:
- Audience Insights report:
- Channel Health report:
- Viewership summary report:

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