Community in Uscreen now has new social features and a slightly different layout. Namely, you can now find your pinned posts at the top of the page.

Setting up your profile

Your profile is to the left of the screen. Besides your name and picture, you now have the option to add your location up to city level.

To update your location from the Community feed, click Edit on the social widget with your profile.

Following other users

Users can now follow other community members, letting them see notifications when those users post. Some of these notifications will come through the bell icon. If you don’t view your notifications often, you’ll get an email with the updates.

To follow someone, click on their name from anywhere within the community to get to their profile.

Seeing who’s liked your posts

Now, you can see how many people liked your posts, along with who the exact members are. To do so, hover your pointer over the field showing your likes. You can also follow other users after they show up as having liked your post.

Viewing other users’ profiles

Every community member’s activity history is now visible from their profile. You can see a user’s previous posts and comments by clicking on their profile. You can follow the user from this page, too.

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