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Community Overview
Community Overview

Uscreen has created a space to connect and engage with your audience

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The Community feature is available on the storefront for our Pro and Uscreen Plus plans. The community feature is also available for native mobile apps on iOS and Android.

Users can engage with the admin content as well as with each other in the Community. Uscreen customers with an active community see 2x more retention than Uscreen customers without an active community.

Admin Area

The admin area is the control room for your Community.

Your Uscreen community has 2 levels of access to manage:

  1. Visibility: where you control who gets to see and browse your community.

  2. Engagement: where you control who gets to interact in your community.

There are 3 groups of people to manage for your community:

  1. Public: any internet users

  2. Registered users: people with accounts to your platform (may or may not be paying).

  3. Subscribers: active, paying members to your platform.

In the Admin area, you can:

  • Enable or disable your community features on the web and native apps.

    Disabling a Community does not delete its content.

  • Adjust the visibility settings of the community content. It can be set to be visible to all users or only to the logged-in ones (regardless of their subscription status)

  • Besides controlling who can see community features, you can also control who can interact with your community between all registered users and active subscribers. You can also gate community engagement to active subscribers on select price plans.

Storefront (Public) Community Page

This is the place for all content operations for you and your users.

Home Feed is the default personalized 'digest' screen, where users can see posts from across all available channels.
Channels are individual feeds that only contain posts that belong to them.

You can perform all usual user and admin actions here such as:


  • Attach media (images and videos) to the posts, comments, and replies.

  • Attach publicly available videos from the catalog to posts.

  • View other users' social profiles and edit their own.

  • View content in multiple sorting options.

  • Report any content or user for violating Community rules.

  • Receive notifications on the Bell button on relevant updates (likes, comments, and replies on their posts, posts users have interacted with, new posts from admins, and being added to a private channel).

  • Like posts, comments, and replies.

  • Mention other users from the community with the @mention feature.


Native Apps

Have the same end-user functionality as the web version. Admin-specific actions e.g. channel management or moderation are not supported.

How to set up your Community in the Admin Area

  1. Navigate to the Community tab.

  2. Follow the on-screen wizard.

  3. Launch Community and you're all set!

Once you enable it, the community will also appear on your iOS or Android app.

Your Feedback

We value your feedback! If you have an idea or would like to see new features or changes for the community feature, please submit a feature request.

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