The Community feature is available on the storefront for Growth and Uscreen Plus clients. The latter can also order the community feature to their native mobile apps. It is available only on iOS and Android as of now.

You can create posts and reach your subscribers from the Admin Area. You can use it to make announcements, get feedback from your audience, share photos, etc.

From the Admin Area, you can:

On your native apps and website, your users can:

  • See your posts

  • Like your posts

  • Comment your posts

  • Reply to other comments on your posts

Setting up the community in the Admin Area

  1. Navigate to the Content tab. Under Community Posts, select Settings

  2. Add the Header text. It will appear on the web version of the community. It can be the name of your community or a tagline.

  3. Add a Header Image. It will also appear on the web version, at the top of the feed. This image should be horizontal. We recommend sizing it at 1480x840 px.

NOTE: You can name community everything you like (group/forum/community), but the actual link you have to add is /posts.

You also can move menu items, so that all items are in the desired order. Once you save the changes to the Main menu, the Community tab will appear in your storefront.

To add the community feature to your native app, please get in touch with our OTT/Apps team at

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