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Here's how to create separate feeds for different topics in your community.

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What are Community Channels

Channels are essentially separate feeds, where you and your members can discuss different topics. Each post appears only in the feed where it has been posted.

Private vs. Public Channels

Public channels are available for all users that have access to the community.

Private channels are only visible to the users that were added there by the admins. Members in private channels can be either added manually, or through subscription gating (see below).

Creating / Editing Channels

You can have up to 5 public and up to 10 private channels at the same time.

To create a new feed, go to your community. Under the search bar, you can see your general channel if you haven’t made any new ones. Beneath that, there’s a button that says “Add Channel.”

When creating the channel you can pick an emoji that would be displayed next the the channel name.

Editing Channel Details

Channel name, emoji, and settings can be edited at any time via the Edit channel menu that is accessible through the channel page:

Channel Access Levels

You can adjust permissions on the level of individual channels to control whether your users or moderators can post or comment there. You can do it through the Edit Channel menu.

For each user group, you can select one of the 3 access levels:

  • Post - full access that includes the right to post, comment, and like

  • Comment - on this level posting is not available, but commenting and liking are

  • Likes only - the most restrictive level with only likes being available as engagement

You can change these settings at any time.

Gate Private channels to select Subscription levels

Instead of manually adding members to a private channel you can select and add subscription levels to the channel. This way, all active subscribers will be added to the channel - the list will be automatically kept up to date.

If you add a subscription level to a private channel and then manually remove some members, they will not be automatically added unless you add them back manually.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change a channel from public to private or vice versa?

No. You cannot change the publication status for a channel once you create it. If you need to make a public channel private you'll need to recreate the channel.

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