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Create and Edit Community Posts
Create and Edit Community Posts

Publish a Community Post from the Admin Area

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How to Create a Post

  1. Navigate to the Community tab in the Admin Area.

  2. Click on View Community.

  3. Add text to your post

  4. Optionally, you can upload images (up to 10).

  5. If User Videos are enabled, you can upload a short video as well.

  6. Once you filled the form, click on Publish.

    1. Alternatively, you can click on the arrow next to publish to schedule a post for later or save your post as a draft.



Users can upload these supported image formats from web or mobile apps:

  • jpeg / jpg

  • png

  • webp

  • gif

Uploading very large images may take a while, especially if you are on a slow internet connection. If the upload takes more than about 1 minute, it will timeout, and you should try again, when you are on a faster connection.


More information about attaching Videos to posts can be found on the separate article on this feature.

If User Videos are enabled, users can also attach their own short videos to the posts. Videos longer than 60 seconds will be trimmed to the first minute. This does not count towards your account's storage quota. Uploaded user videos are stored for 6 months only.

Catalog videos

It's also possible to attach an existing publicly available video from the catalog, which are available through the 'search' function in the video attachment menu.

NOTE: Our Product Team considers adding new features, such as video comments. You can submit a feature request if you are interested in a format we don't currently support.


You can add a GIF to a post using the GIF icon when creating a brand-new post.

GIFs are currently only supported via the web. They will be coming to Mobile apps later this year.

Edit a Community Post

Users are able to edit their Community Posts at any time. Admin users can edit any post in the Community. This is how to do it:

  1. Navigate to the Community tab in the Admin Area.

  2. Click on View Community.

  3. Click the 3-Dot menu on the post you wish to edit or delete.

  4. Once you edited the post, click on Save. or click Delete.

Search for a Community post

You can utilize the search box to search for specific posts in your community. Try searching for keywords or full sentences. A search will be performed across all of the community, regardless of the channel you are currently in.

Create Polls

You can now create polls inside of your community so that members can provide instant feedback on your ideas and questions. This article will cover the steps of how to create a poll.

Step 1: Head to your community

Jump into your community through your admin area:

Step 2: Build Your Poll

Once in your community, you can create your poll by clicking on the "poll" button in the post editor:

You can then give your poll a title, add options, allow multiple answers

Step 3: Publish Your Poll

Finally, click "Post Now" to post the poll immediately, or click the drop-down arrow next to the "Post Now" button to schedule your poll to be posted at a later date and time.


Congratulations! You've now created a poll inside your community.

Frequently Asked Questions for Polls:

  1. Can anyone post a poll?

    1. Yes, any member of your community can post a poll.

  2. Can polls be set to multiple answers?

    1. Yes, polls can be set to allow multiple selections for answers.

  3. Can my community members like and comment on polls?

    1. Yes, like any post in the community feed, your community members can like and comment on poll posts.

  4. Can I edit the poll's results?

    1. No, you cannot edit the results of your poll. However, you can always delete the poll should you choose to.

Community AI Assistant

Creating regular admin posts is essential for fostering an engaged community. Our AI assistant simplifies the process.

Using Assistant

Accessing the AI Assistant:

  • Navigate to the 'AI Assistant' section on the Community page. Please note that this feature is visible only to admin users.

Setting Audience and Tone of Voice:

  • Start by configuring the Audience and Tone of Voice settings for the Assistant. These settings have been pre-generated based on your storefront contents. However, feel free to experiment with different settings to find the ones that align best with your goals.

Generating Titles:

  • You can create compelling post titles effortlessly by clicking on "Generate Titles." If you prefer, you can also compose your own titles by clicking "Generate Post." You have the flexibility to generate as many titles as needed.

Review and Edit:

  • It's crucial to review the generated text carefully. While the AI Assistant can provide suggestions, it's essential to make any necessary edits to ensure the content aligns perfectly with your message and brand.

Active Usage and Feedback:

  • We encourage you to use the AI Assistant for your regular Community activities. Experiment with different settings to generate fresh ideas and posts. Your feedback is invaluable to us as we continue to refine this beta feature.

Beta Feature Disclaimer:

  • Please be aware that the AI Assistant is currently in beta, and its performance may not always be ideal. We welcome any and all feedback regarding your experience and any issues you may encounter.

Personalization is Key:

  • Remember that your AI Assistant is a tool to inspire and suggest ideas. While it provides assistance, it does not think independently but operates based on the input you provide. Always take the time to carefully review and personalize every post before publishing.

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