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User-Generated Videos in Community
User-Generated Videos in Community
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Videos can capture attention more effectively than text or images. They are engaging and dynamic, offering visual and auditory stimulation that can enhance understanding and retention of information. By allowing users to attach videos, a community can increase user engagement, encourage active participation, and create an environment where users feel more connected and involved.


1) User-generated videos can only be uploaded via Android or iOS apps. To get access to this feature, your app must be updated to the app version 3.13 (July 2023) or newer.

2) User-generated videos cannot be uploaded to the community from the web.

3) Community videos are not counted towards the store's video storage quota.

Enabling / Disabling the feature

User Videos are disabled by default. The feature can be turned on or off at any time from the admin area.

Head to your Dashboard and then click on Community > Settings.

Once the feature is enabled, all community users will be able to attach videos to their posts.

Attaching videos

The videos can only be attached to Posts in the Community (and not to the comments or replies). Each post can have one video attached to it. Having an attached video does not block attaching additional images.

To attach a video via the mobile app, create a new post and click on the media icon.

You can then attach images or videos from your gallery or you can record a video directly through the media attachment panel!

The community only supports videos up to 60 seconds. If an attached video is longer, it will be automatically trimmed up to the first 60 seconds.

While the video is being uploaded, please, do not close the app.

After a video is posted, it takes a few moments to process the video and make it available. It can take up to a couple of minutes. You can close the browser tab at this stage. Once the video is processed, the post appears in the feed and the author gets a notification.

Important Note: iOS and Android require users to grant individual apps permission to access photos and videos. To do this, users must check their device's Security and Privacy Settings and grant access. Without this permission, the mobile app won't be able to access photos or videos on the device to be shared.

Watching videos in the feed

Videos in the feed are auto-played when they appear in the visible part of the screen. The auto-play is on mute by default. Users can enable sound and go fullscreen at any time.

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