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Community Moderation
Community Moderation

Manage your Community posts and users.

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Uscreen offers several tools for Community moderation.
Users can report content and any user who breaks the community guidelines. Admins can review reports and delete the content or block the user.

Blocked users will lose access to all community features, including video comments, but will keep access to the video content.


To avoid confusion, it's advisable to establish clear community guidelines from the beginning to ensure that your members know what kind of content is permissible and what isn't.

Reporting Content

Users can easily report any piece of content in the Community by clicking on the three dots in the right corner of a post. Admin content cannot be reported.

Reporting Users

A malicious user can be reported from the Social Profile page. Admin users cannot be reported.

Reviewing Reports

Admin users can review reports in the moderation screens that are available on the Community page on the storefront.

Admins can decide to act on the report and remove content / block users, or ignore reports.

While the report is in the review queue repeated reports will not have any effect. However, if the reports are dismissed new reports on the same user / content will appear in the queue.

Block a User

You can block specific users from being able to create any posts or comments in your community or post comments on videos.

To block a user simply click on their profile click on the three dot menu button under their Name and then click on Block.

Or you can see a list of reported users from your community by clicking on the Users tab. You can then click "Block" on the reported user.

Note: Blocking a user does not change their subscription status or remove any existing posts or comments. It simply prevents their ability to make posts or comments.

If you would like to cancel their subscription or remove posts or comments, you will have to do that manually.

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