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Go Live from Web Uscreen Studio (Beta)
Go Live from Web Uscreen Studio (Beta)

Create a stream and go live right from your browser.

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Uscreen Studio for Web is currently in beta.

You can now live stream from your browser with Uscreen Studio. Simply enter the studio, connect your mic and camera, and you're ready to stream.

Streaming from your browser removes the need for third-party encoding platforms like OBS, Streamyard, or Ecamm.

You can interact with your audience with near real-time communication, no more juggling multiple windows on your computer, you can view the chat and your stream in one place.

Go Live From Uscreen Studio Beta

Uscreen studio is currently in beta and that means that it is an early-release feature. Our initial release is focused on making it a lot easier to stream with Uscreen. We'll continue adding new improvements to make connecting with your community even easier with live streams.

How to enable Uscreen Studio

  • Select "Try this feature" to enable

  • You may disable this feature on this page, at any time

Using Uscreen Studio

  • You can enter the studio from your live stream list for any stream you've enabled preregistration on.

  • Grant permission to use your camera and mic and turn them on

  • If you've enabled chat for your stream you'll see the interface to manage chats on the right side.

  • Click Go Live and you're streaming!

Tech Stats

With Uscreen Studio for the web, you can anticipate the following quality settings:

  • 1080p video quality

  • 30 Frames Per Second (FPS)

  • 4500 bitrate

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