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Stripe Billing Analytics

Check out amazing Analytics available to you inside of Stripe!

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Using Stripe's Billing Analytics Reporting

Track your billing data and gain insights into your business with Stripe's billing analytics reporting. Explore Stripe's tools and features for easy-to-understand analytics.

Types of Billing Analytics

Stripe offers several types of billing analytics to help you gain a deeper understanding of your subscription performance. These include:

Growth Reporting

  • MRR Report - Monthly recurring revenue (MRR) is your normalized monthly revenue from all active and past-due subscriptions. It’s the best single measure of the health and trajectory of a recurring revenue business.

  • MRR Growth - This is the net change in your MRR over time. It’s the sum of revenue from new paid subscriptions, expansion from upgrades, contraction from downgrades, and churn.

  • Active Subscribers - This is the total count of your active and past-due subscribers. It does not include trials or subscribers on free plans. A subscriber with multiple subscriptions is counted as one subscriber.

  • Active Subscribers Growth - This is the net change in your active subscribers over time.

  • Net Volume - This is your actual total gross volume minus any fees, refunds, disputes, or Connect transfers. It includes all payments, not just those from subscriptions. It does not include revenue from invoices marked as paid.

Retention Reporting

  • Subscriber Churn Rate - The churn rate is measured by the sum of churned subscribers in the past 30 days divided by the number of active subscribers as of 30 days ago, plus any new subscribers in those 30 days.

  • Churned Revenue - This is the total MRR lost during the period due to downgrades or churn.

  • Retention by cohort - Subscriber retention for each month following the month that the customer first subscribed, called the cohort. If a customer unsubscribes and then resubscribes, they will remain part of their original cohort.

Subscribers Reporting

  • Average revenue per user - This is your average MRR per user. It’s calculated by dividing your MRR by the total number of active subscribers.

  • Subscriber Lifetime Value - This is an estimate of the total revenue you can expect to collect from your average subscriber before they churn.

And much more!

Where to Find Billing Analytics

You can access Stripe's billing analytics by logging into your Stripe account and navigating to the "Billing" tab on the left-hand side menu. From here, you'll see your billing analytics.

Additionally, you can click on "Configure" to set additional settings for your billing analytics such as counting canceled subscriptions as churn, immediately or at the end of the billing period.

How to Use Billing Analytics

Now that you know what types of billing analytics Stripe offers and where to find them, let's discuss how to use them to your advantage.

First and foremost, it's important to regularly review your analytics to stay on top of your business performance. By identifying trends and patterns in your data, you can make informed decisions on how to grow your business. For example, if you notice a spike in churn rate, you may want to re-evaluate your content offerings. Are you creating new compelling content? Are you utilizing our Community features to provide even more value?

  • You can also use billing analytics to set goals and track progress. For instance, if your goal is to increase revenue by a certain percentage in the next quarter, you can monitor your revenue analytics to see how close you are to reaching that goal.

It's also worth mentioning that Stripe offers a variety of integrations with other software and apps, allowing you to combine your billing data with other metrics and gain even deeper insights into your business.

If you have any questions regarding the billing analytics you can view in Stripe, please reach out to Stripe's support team or refer to their documentation. Uscreen Support is unable to assist with Stripe analytics.

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