You can add or delete admins in the Manage Team section. Navigate to your name on the bottom left of the menu sidebar and click Manage Team.

To add an admin:

Click on your Profile Icon > Manage Team > Click on Invite Members and add their name and email address

- If you want to add more than one admin, you can create a CSV file and upload it by clicking on Upload CSV with the following information: name, email (e.g., Jane Doe,

To delete an admin:

Within Manage Team, find the admin you want to delete and click Edit

Under the CUSTOMER section, select General Info and click Delete Customer

NOTE: Owner and Admin roles have the same access as administrators—with the exception that only Owners can create Admins. If you are an admin, you will not be able to delete an Owner's profile. Contact Uscreen's Support Team ( if you need to make a change.

View an Admin's Profile

To view a profile, choose an admin and click on Edit. Once you go in, you will see that it's very similar to viewing a customer's profile page.

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