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Assign an Author to a Video
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Once you've created an author, you can assign them to a video. It can be useful if you have several authors on your site and the content is divided by authors. For example, if you have a fitness site with different trainers, you can add them as authors.

Assign an Author to a Video

  1. Click on Content

Step 2 screenshot

2. Click on Videos

Step 3 screenshot

3. Click on the video you wish to add an author to

Step 4 screenshot

4. Scroll down and Click on Select author...

Step 5 screenshot

You can also add new authors by clicking on Manage authors

5. Don't forget to click save!

Assign Multiple Authors to a Video

You can assign multiple authors to your individual pieces of video content when editing the video details as outlined above.

Where is Multi-Author Supported?

Currently, Multi-Author is only supported for individual pieces of video content on the web and is not supported for Live Events, Collections, or Bundles, and will not be displayed on apps.

NOTE: Multi-Author is only supported on the newest version of our video catalog. If your store is on an old version of the catalog, multiple Authors will not appear under the video title. Please request an update to the latest catalog update from our Support Team (

Multi-Author Analytics

For videos tagged with multiple Authors, all Authors who have been tagged will be tracked in the video's views and watch time analytics.

This means that if three Authors are tagged on a video that gets 10 views and 5 hours of watch time, all three Authors will see their views and watch time hours increase by 10 and 5, respectively.

To view your Author analytics in the Admin Area, navigate to the left-hand menu and click Analytics > Content > Authors.

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