Live chat can be enabled for each Live Event you create and is exclusively available for logged in users who have access to the Live Event. If your Live Event is Free for Everyone users won't see the live chat unless logged in.


You can find the option to enable Live Chat under the Details tab on the Live Event.

Live Chat has some awesome built-in moderation features which we'll go over. First though, here's how your users see live chat:


Users can flag comments for review by admins by hovering a comment and clicking the 3 dot menu and Flag Comment:


Users can also delete their own comments using the same method:


Moderating Chat

All admins in your Uscreen account can moderate chat. The best way to open a live event as a moderator is to first click your Storefront button in the bottom left of the admin area:


Then navigate to the Live Event in your catalog or grab the Live Event link from the admin side:


The interface you'll see is a little different and contains some awesome new info for live events that you won't have had access to before. First you're going to see the number of active users indicated by the Eye Icon and then beside that you'll see the Participants and Flagged tabs.


The Eye Icon indicates users currently watching the live event, while the Participants tab shows all users who watched even just a little part of the live event and may not be watching anymore.

As you saw above, users can flag comments for review. Clicking Flagged comments will allow you to see a list of flagged comments choose what you want to do with them:


You can delete the comment, unflag it, and even block the user if you need. Flagged comments aren't displayed differently for users until action is taken on them.

Blocking a user removes all comments made by that user. You don't need to have a flagged comment to block a user you can simply select them in the Participants list to block or click any comment they have made to block them:


Clicking Participants will allow you to see all participants and even segment them to unblock users if needed:


What we're still working on

Persistent statistics on live events is a big one customers are asking for. Now that we're tracking data around attendees the next step is to store that after each live event so you can track historical data on live event attendance.

Another improvement we're evaluating for the future is saving the chat and making it a part of the replayable VOD.

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