Paypal is an additional payment provider that can be setup with Stripe,, or Uscreen Payments.

PayPal is only available for USD, GBP, Euro, and AUD currencies. In the case of disputes, disputes will be found in favor of the disputer and the chargeback and dispute fee will be applied to your account.

PayPal is integrated into the platform using a custom PayPal solution. Due to limitations in how PayPal works with recurring charges, you can't directly connect your own PayPal account. Our custom solution uses Uscreen as the business account for PayPal transactions.

PayPal fees are as follows:

USD Sales: 4.9% + 30¢
GBP, Euro and AUD: 5.9% + 30¢


Navigate to Settings > Payment Providers to connect to PayPal. Click on Connect account and enter the email you want us to submit payments to.

You can setup a PayPal account here.

For more information on how payouts work for PayPal, please see this article.

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