How Users See Your Subscription Plans
Updated over a week ago

All subscription plans that are toggled as Public—making it available to everyone—will appear on your storefront when a customer goes to the Join Page link. That will allow users to choose what plan is best for them.

However, yourJoin Page will not work correctly if you don't have any subscription plans as Public, so make sure you've enabled at least one.

The Join Page is one of the few pages where we don't allow code customization. This page needs to remain secure for collecting login credentials and payment information, so customization is restricted.

When users navigate to the Join Page, your subscription plans will appear like the below example:

The main call to action button on the home page will lead users to the Join Page on all home page templates. If the button does not take you to the Join Page, navigate to Customization, customize, then next to the Storefront home page section click on Customize page. Select the Main Banner section, scroll to the CTA Link, and select Join Page.

If a user is browsing your catalog and sees a video they like, the Get Access Now button will also bring them to a page that shows available subscriptions and bundles the video might belong to, allowing them to choose from the subscription plans available.

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